2020 SPAN Virtual Walk

Sunday 13th September – Virtual SPAN Walk

No Cost


SPAN has been holding its Suicide Awareness Walk annually since 2010, and this year would have been its 11th Anniversary Walk! A dream of its founding members, the Walk is a positive, active community event where people can come together and pay tribute to lost loved ones, offer support to those hurting and ultimately embrace the gift of life.

Hope Bereavement Care is proud to auspice the SPAN Walk.   Although we can’t be together on this day, we want to create a safe, welcoming and supportive space for people bereaved by suicide to continue the legacy of the SPAN group in walking together in memory of our loved ones, reduce the stigma and raise awareness around suicide, and connect with others on the same grief journey so we are not alone.

On Sunday 13th September in Suicide Awareness Week, we ask you to walk for all the reasons we have come together in the past:

  • To honour our loved ones
  • To raise awareness of suicide and promote the message that ‘tough times pass’
  • To stand with those bereaved by suicide so they are not alone
  • To connect with others on a similar grief journey so we feel connected
  • To raise funds to support bereavement support

Note: This walk is a community awareness and connection event, not a fundraiser. You are however welcome to raise money for Hope Bereavement Care by creating a CrowdRaiser, or another suicide prevention charity of your choice.

We gratefully acknowledge the many sponsors who have made our mission possible and welcome any donations, no matter how small, with thanks.  Contact Hope Bereavement Care at hope@bereavement.org.au for further information.


Before the event

  • Log on to our Facebook event and commit to attending the Walk.
  • Log on to our Website to add the name of your loved one to our Memorial Board (a photo is optional).
  • Promote the event or your participation by using one of our ‘I am walking’ tiles to let your friends and family know why you are walking. I am walking…
    • So we are not alone on this journey
    • To honour them
    • To stand with those left behind
    • To raise awareness…tough times pass
    • To raise funds for bereavement support.
  • If you are fundraising, set up a CrowdRaiser for Hope Bereavement Care or another suicide prevention charity of your choice, and share with family and friends

On Sunday 13th September

At 10.00am

  • Go to our event on Facebook or our webpage and
    • watch our live feed from Johnson Park. SPAN member Ben LeFevre will welcome us to the event
    • View the list of names of those lost to suicide or view the Memorial Board

Between 10.00am and 12.00pm

  • Participate in the virtual walk. Please take a take a photo of yourself walking. Some ideas how you can connect with your loved one:
    • You may want to walk somewhere important to your loved one
    • If you have a SPAN T-shirt or hat you could wear this
    • You may want to carry a photo of your loved one
    • You may want to connect with other loved ones by phone and talk while you walk
    • You may want to walk alone

There is no right way to do this, but please follow social distancing and current Stage 3 restrictions.

  • Post your photo (if you are comfortable) on Facebook or email to hope@bereavement.org.au with the tag #Iamwalking
  • We will put the photos and names into a video and send you a link.

After the event

  • Look out for the video of all your photos. We will put the photos and names into a video which will be available on the Span Website and Facebook page.

Feel free to share your story or offer words of support to other bereaved by suicide