About SPAN Geelong - Suicide Support Group

SPAN (Suicide Prevention Awareness Network) was started after a spate of horrific suicides in Geelong and affected family members, concerned community members and health professionals decided to work together to reduce the number of lives lost to suicide.

It became the ideal avenue for Lisa Castle – who lost her 17 year old son Shaun to suicide in January 2009 – to fulfill her vow that his death would not be in vain. Lisa’s plans for a community walk in honour of her son was able to come to fruition and is now held each Australia Day to signify the fact that it is a national problem. It has evolved into a suicide awareness walk where family, friends and the community can walk together and show their support as well as increase suicide awareness.

SPAN members believe suicide awareness is everyone’s responsibility and is a subject that must be talked about openly and sensitively. We strongly believe our initiatives can and will make a difference.

A community development model is used by SPAN in our approach to suicide prevention and support. We use a whole community approach driven by the combined knowledge of lived experiences from those affected by suicide along with evidence-based information and knowledge from professionals working in the field.7