Suicide Awareness Geelong

Geelong Suicide Awareness and Prevention

SPAN is a pro-active group whose aim is to reduce the number of lives lost to suicide. We aim to see a continual reduction in the number of suicide deaths in Australia by challenging the silence, the fear and the myths around suicide with the availability of evidence based and reliable information and access to support for people at risk.

We have initiated a number of projects all with the aim of suicide prevention, our main one being our Suicide Awareness Walk held on Australia day each year.

Other suicide prevention initiatives include:

  • Wristbands with the slogan ‘Tough times pass, death is forever‘ with more than 6000 sold throughout the Geelong region.
  • Funding for many people to attend the highly respected and successful ASIST workshops provided by Lifeline.
  • Providing suicide bereavement support packages and information packs for funeral companies.
  • The development of community education programs regarding suicide awareness and prevention

Suicide Warning Signs

Suicidal tendencies in someone can be identified by yourself or perhaps you may see some of the points listed below in someone close to you.

  • Increased alcohol or drug use
  • Signs of depression
  • Risk taking or dangerous behaviour
  • Threatening self harm or suicide
  • Researching suicide
  • Sudden change in sleeping pattern, social habits or personality

Reasons Someone May Contemplate Suicide

  • Family or relationship breakdown
  • Depression or despair
  • Ongoing problems due to child abuse or sexual abuse
  • Drug/alcohol or gambling addictions
  • Loneliness or feeling isolated
  • Financial difficulty
  • Mental illness

Please contact us – we can provide you with the support and support services you need.

Suicide Bereavement Support Group Geelong

As a suicide support group SPAN has initiated many ways to provide help for the bereaved and those having to deal with the impact of suicide on families, friends, workplaces, schools and more.

Our suicide support for families includes Bereavement Packs.

Grief Support Pack

Support is available to you and your family.

SPAN is a local group of community members committed to providing support to those affected by suicide and to reducing the rate of suicides in our community. To this end we have developed a Grief Support Pack that may assist you. As a group of people who have had family members or friends that have taken their own life, we know how important it is to have access to information and support at this distressing time.

The Grief Support Pack provides contact details of services that will offer you and your family supportive care. We hope you find this helpful. Do not hesitate to contact any of the support services in your time of need.

Please contact us for any further information or advice. Our aim is to promote suicide awareness through a range of programs including our annual Suicide Awareness Walk.

Suicide Stories Geelong – Memories of Those Forever with us

Wayne and Ellen “In memory of our beautiful loved son and brother and uncle, Rick Howarth 20/11/2011. So loved and missed so much. We all miss you so much the pain and loss of you will never go away. May you be at peace now. xxxxx”

Mark O’Shannessy 09.02.2009: “How our world has been turned upside down. Leaving without notice, without answers broke our hearts. “Who knew” Missing you each and every day. xx”

Daniel Watkins 9/8/2001:
My brother took his life 10 years ago at 21 years old. To lose my older brother when I was 18 left me shattered into pieces, after 10 years I’m still broken. I will never be the same person, I feel incomplete. I love Dan with all my heart, he is always in my thoughts and I miss him terribly. For me, time doesn’t heal all wounds, they just made me deal with what has happened and made me realise what is important in my life. I married my best friend without my brother present and gave birth to my son who will never meet his beautiful Uncle. Those realities have been very hard to deal with but I know my brother is looking down on us smiling and watching. Dan’s memory will always live on in his family.”

Jane 22/12/11: “Over 20 years ago my father took his life, no one has any idea how much I miss him, I would like to say it gets easier but that would be a lie. I love you dad and miss you every day. xxxxxxx”

Kieran Boucher 9/3/2009: “Kieran, our beautiful son, brother, nephew, cousin and mate. We all miss you terribly. I think of you every day and l live each day for you. I love you honey all the way to the moon and back. xxxx”

Lucy Voss 1/11/11: “19 years ago we buried my Dad. Everyone said at the funeral he was the last person to have killed himself. I’ve heard many say that in the years afterwards, about the person they have lost. The world is definitely not a better place for him leaving it. Still missed after all this time.

Kim Cockerell 1/11/11: “Peter James Dyer. October 16th 2003. Our lives changed forever that fateful day- and so did we as people. From numbness, shock and deep raw grief to anger, bitterness and an eternal aura of sadness. From denial to acceptance; from frustration at what should have been to gratitude at what I DO have; from sorrow and indifference to strength and a determination to make a difference. I was your big sister and I loved you so much. Still do…….”

Marg S 1/11/11: “You left without warning over 20 years ago and the hole in my heart remains. The “why’s” and “If onlys” nearly destroyed me. Our family is strong but has never been the same. It didn’t have to be like this. I still yearn for you every day.”

Lisa Castle 1/11/11:
“This is in memory of my beautiful boy Shaun Joshua Castle. Rest in Peace Baby. You are so loved and deeply missed. xxxx Mum xxxx”

Please feel free to contact us to contribute your own thoughts giving a name, date and story.

Suicide Support Geelong

If you need help or counselling please use the contacts listed below:

HOPE Bereavement Care Phone: 03 4215 3358
Lifeline Geelong Phone: 03 5222 2255
Lifeline Phone: 13 11 14
Suicide Helpline Phone: 1300 651 251
Suicide Call Back Service Phone: 1300 659467
Mensline Phone: 1300 78 99 78
Kids helpline Phone: 1800 55 1800
Qlife Phone: 1800 184 527