SPAN Geelong FAQ

SPAN Answers Your Questions

Can anyone become involved with your service?
At SPAN we encourage involvement from the community as we aim to create Geelong suicide awareness and reduce the number of suicides in our community. The more people we have involved, the easier it is to raise funds to support programs and keep a well informed and open discussion continuing.

When is the Geelong Suicide Awareness Walk held?
The walk used to be held on Australia Day, January 26, of each year however the last few years it was moved to September due to unavailability of Johnstone Park and to coincide with National Suicide Week. This is because suicide is an issue that affects all of Australia. In Australia, more people die of suicide each year than in road accidents.

How can I help someone I feel is at risk of suicide?
Don’t assume they will get help. See our list of suicide warning signs which may help you identify if someone needs help. If you have any concern, act promptly and call a relevant suicide help service.

How can I help SPAN?
Many options are available:

  • Join our suicide awareness walk
  • Donate any amount you can afford
  • Buy our wristband – “Tough Times Pass, Death is Forever”
  • Contact us and we can talk with you.